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Mail Order

This is way, way off topic, but I didn't know where else to ask.

I know there are alot of Canadians on this group, (I am one too).
Just wanted to know if you order from any of the US Mail order stores.   I
ask because, I asked That Pet Place how much it will be to ship say "$30.00"
US, worth off stuff (less that 1 lb), they said it would cost about $17.28
shipping.... that's like $25.00 can.. I ask if they would ship regular mail,
but they said that that is the cheapest they can go.  I also tried
Petwarehouse, it was about the same..  Anybody knows how to get cheaper
stuff from the States.   I do shop at the couple of Canadian Mail order
places who's prices are very good, but they don't carry some off the things
I wanted.
Oh well, thanks for reading.

Winnipeg, Manitoba