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Ich in planted tanks


There seem to be misconceptions as to how to treat ich on the part of some
list members. Salt is generally ineffective in treating most fish diseases
and completely so in the case of ich. Raising the temperature  works well,
but the temp needs to be raised into the high 80s or low 90s F. (Of course,
you would want to create vigorous aeration to maintain reasonable dissolved
oxygen levels at such temperatures.) Total darkness apparently helps too (it
hinders the spores from hatching).

Needless to say, sustained high temperatures, high aeration and total
darkness would not do your plants much good. In a planted tank, you are
better off removing the fish (at least the most affected ones) and treating
them in a  separate hospital tank. This is what I have done in the past.

There are some medications that are reported to be effective against ich and
not affect plants. I haven't tried it, but Chem-Marin's "F.W.P." is
reportedly such a product. It apparently works by irritating the fish's skin
and thereby causing it to exude a thicker slime coat, which helps it slough
off the ich parasites. Some months ago, a trial was organized through the
APD to test whether this product might actually foster plant growth. I do
not know the result.