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Re:Metal Halide bulb flickering

> Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 11:53:55 -0400
> From: "Claxton, Andrew" <Andrew.Claxton at CAN_XEROX.com>
> Subject: Metal Halide bulb flickering
> I have a 175 watt metal halide bulb that will stay on for a couple hours -
> flicker for a minute - then go off, then come back on about 20 minutes
> and repeat the pattern.  Since I only have the one light I can't trouble
> shoot with another ballast or socket.  Has anyone had this problem?


I do know that with the IceCap 175W MH electronic ballast will cause a MH
bulb to flicker if there is not enough current provided to the ballast.
From the review of Aquarium Frontiers, April 1998

( http://www.aquariumfrontiers.com/fish/aqfm/1998/april/product/default.asp 

"There have been reports of flickering with some metal halide bulbs using
the IceCap ballast. With the exception of the Coralife 10,000 K bulb, none
of the bulbs flickered while line voltage was maintained at 120 volts. At
approximately 110 volts, minor flickering was observed on some of the other
bulbs. Lowering the incoming voltage further induced progressively more
severe flickering until bulbs extinguished around 95 volts. This suggests
that some of the difficulties experienced by hobbyists may be due to
abnormally low line voltage. Hobbyists should avoid overloading the
household circuits to their tank. If possible, do not put the entire tank on
a single circuit breaker."

I know with mine (3 175W MH electronic), I had to distribute my ballasts on
a separate 15amp circuit. You can have an electrician measure your current
using an amperage probe if you think this may be causing the problem.
Before I switch them sometime if the TV or Refrigerator kicked-on  or
multiple lights.

Tom Brennan