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Re: Rusted rock

Beverly Wladyka is asking about the suitability of some rocks which she
described as having "rusty" streaks in them. Apparently, she obtained the
rocks from a local quarry.

I won't venture a guess as to how they will affect an aquarium, because
without knowing exactly what the rocks are and what is the source of the
"rust" it could be kind of dangerous to diagnose long distance.

First of all, what kind of "quarry" was it where you obtained the rocks?
What mineral was originally quarried there? Secondly, is there a University
or Community College in Edmonton which teaches Geology or Geography? Someone
there would surely be able to ID your rocks and tell you what ore is cauing
the streaking. Knowing either of these things, someone her emight be able to
say just how "safe" this material is.

My only other comment is the use of a "black", rounded rocks with Flourite.
Apparently, Seachem will be coming out with several other color varieties,
and I believe that Greg Morin has publicly stated that a black variety is on
the way soon. Convincing aquascapes usually contain rocks which match the
main substrate materia in color, tone and texture. Fluorite granules are
rather angular and a mixture of several distinct colors. I don't know how
that will hang with rounded, black river rocks. The effect should look like
the substrate material originated from the same mineral as the larger rocks.
You might be able to go back to the quarry and get some fine gravel which
would match your rocks more closely.

James Purchase