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Re: Shrimp and the Sump

<snip>Here's the strange one:  I've got a wet/dry filtration setup with 
overflow and sump.  The Ammano shrimp head for the overflow whenever they 
are unsettled, such as when I perform a 50% water-change.

<snip>I've had to rescue several from the behind-the-tank
chanber, and on more than one occasion from the sump itself (don't ask me 
how they get past the bio-balls).  I've screened off the overflow as muchas 
I dare.- ---------------------------------------------michael rubin


I have had the same problem with my shrimp "heading off" into the overflow.  
I usually find all the small ones in the sump, somehow manuvering pass the 
bio-balls.  As they grow larger though, they no longer fit pass the 
overflow, and this problem diminishes.  It's a real pain to get them out of 
the sump though.  Usually I have to drain the sump below the bio-balls so 
they don't crawl back up there.
I have found that my shrimp seem to only end up in the sump after the lights 
go out.  They must either be swimming around and get sucked in, or they do 
more exploring higher up at night.

Michael Laflamme
spicolte at hotmail_com

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