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Re: Fish Traps

> Date: Sun, 01 Aug 1999 20:49:32 -0700
> From: erdoz1 <erdoz1 at wt_net>
> Subject: Fish Traps
> I have 12 Brichardi  I want to get out of a heavily planted community tank.  Does
> anybody have an idea for a trap or other method to get the little #$%@ out
> without making the tank look like a war zone.   The giant val makes it impossible
> to catch em when the tank is pumped down.

I have a 2L coke bottle that I made into a fairly effective trap. I whacked
the top off at the top end of the straight-sided part. Inverting the top, I
fastened it back in with three of those "Goof Plugs" sold for drip
irrigation systems, in punched holes. [For your *brichardi* you may need to
cut the neck back to make the hole bigger, first, but maybe not.]

Baited with a few blackworms, and laid on its side, it should do the trick
fairly quickly.


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