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Hach Kit

>   I use the Hach iron test kit.  It's about
> $50, which includes the mini colorimeter and a very cool carrying case.
> Refills on the reagents are not very expensive, though at my level of testing,
> reagent shelf life is more of an issue than cost.  The kit is well made,
> reliable, and easy to use.  You can order it directly from Hach by phone.
> Hach Company
> P.O. Box 389
> Loveland, CO 80539 USA
> www.hach.com
> U.S. customers (sales and support):
> 800-227-4224
> Outside the USA and other inquiries:
> 970-669-3050
> Regards,
> William M. Cwirla

I checked the website, but came up with about 15 different tests for Iron. Which
one are you specifically referring to?

-Dave Papas