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Re: Moving Tanks

Dear APDers,

A few months ago I inquired about the feasibility of moving a heavily planted
20-gallon tank over a short distance without tearing it down.  19 out of 20
APD responses suggested "go for it."  So I did.  Here's the report:

Caught most of the fish (2 large SAEs, 4 Harlequin Rasboras) with a large net
and transferred them to a 5 gallon bucket with a lid.  (Note:  Large nets work
much better than small ones even in heavily planted tanks.)  The few that
weren't caught went for the ride in the tank.  Drained the tank to 2 inches
above the gravel line and saved the water.  With the help of a friend, lifted
the tank onto a 3/4 inch plywood and carried it to a van.  We did a slow drive
to the new place and carefully refilled the tank.  Due to the heavy root
system (this is a 3 year old tank), there was no disturbance of the gravel
even with a few bumps and jostles, nor was there any excessive stirring up of
the bottom.  Even the large crypts and the aponogeton survived the momentary
dry spell with no ill effects.  The chief problem I can foresee with longer
moves would be drying out of the exposed leaves.  The only mishap occurred
when a curious teenager took the lid off the fish bucket to have a look, and
one of the SAEs took a flying leap to the living carpet.  She was promptly
scooped back into the bucket with no apparant damage.  Great fish, those SAEs!
 Total down time:  1 hour.  The tank is up and running in my study, looking as
good as ever.  Thanks to you all for the advice on moving tanks.  It worked
like a charm.

Yet another advantage to the small planted aquarium:  You can move them
without tearing them down.

William M. Cwirla
Hacienda Heights