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At 03:48 PM 7/28/99 -0400, "MARC RADLE" <marcr at cowles_com> asked:
>Subject: Re: fertilizer
>It's the marble guy again.
>I'm looking for recommendations on the best liquid fertilizer. I use AmQuel
>and NovAqua to treat my water (waterchages). I guess I need a good all
>fertilizer plus something to add iron (or is that the same thing?)
>What brand(s) is the best? What product would you recommend?

There are basically two fertilizer problems/needs:  macronutrients (CO2, N,
K, Ca, S) and micronutrients (Fe, Mg, Mo, Mn, Co, Bo, yadda yadda yadda).
Macronutrients usually need to be hand-balanced for your tank depending on
the fish load and water characteristics.   KNO3 and/or K2SO4 can be of
value here depending.   CO2 systems can address the need for carbon.  For
micronutrients I have a huge conflict of interest, I import Tropica
MasterGrow, the choice of many advanced aquarium plant growers.  Others
prefer to do it temselves, and use their concoction from the PMDD family,
about which the archives of the list is a mother-lode of info.

Have great luck with your plants.  The marble substrate really has me going
on how it will turn out.  I would fear for algae, but that is a whole
'nother story.

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