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C. japonica Stocking


I have two questions on C. japonica shrimp:

1) How many do you think should be in my "micro" (2.5 gal) plant tank?  The
only other inhabitants are red ramshorn snails.  The tank is fairly heavily
planted, and has an internal pump/sponge filter (ammonia & nitrites = 0).  The
LFS suggested 4 shrimp.  I do not plant on having any other inhabitants.

2) I have seen two different markings on the shrimp labeled C. japonica at the
LFS.  One is fairly transparent, with a yellow stripe down the back & many small
black dots along the side.  The other is slightly more opaque, with a much less
pronouced line down the back, and it has a couple of crossing lines across the
tail.  Are these really both C. Japonica?  The two pictures of C. japonica at:
http://members.tripod.com/~SubmarinR/shrimp.html don't look alike to me either,
and they each look similiar (but not exactly) to the ones I have seen.  Is there
alot of variation in the coloring/marking of C. japonica shrimp?


jvaline at jps_net