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Snail Infestation

Willem N. stated: I was just looking at my aquarium and noticed some almost
microscopic snails crawling around. I really want to get rid of the snails
but don't know how.

Ken G. replies: This is something that is covered extensively in the APD
archives (http://www.actwin.com/fish/aquatic-plants/search.html). I believe
the consensus is to buy some clown loaches (other loaches work as well). You
didn't provide a lot of information about your tank or what type of snails
you think you might have. All snails are not bad, so don't be so quick to
get rid of them yet. If you have Rams Horn or Malaysian Trumpet snails, you
might consider a control rather than an irradiation. I have both of these
types of snails in my planted tanks (110g and 55g) and the clown loaches
kept their population in check very nicely.

Ken Guin
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