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Re: aquascaping dark corners

In my 125g planted discus tank I have Rotala Indica in the right-front
corner that will grow to and float along the top of the water.  One of my
filer returns keeps it against the front glass gently sweeping. Then every
week or so I trim at just below the water-line.  In the front-right corner I
have a combination of Broad Leaf marbled Valisneria, jungle and
contortionists vals sweeping in the current from the right...sort of a
framing effect and looks interesting.

In the right-rear of the tank I have Hygro "sunset" that I keep trimming so
I now have very "bushy" growth for the top 4-6" and mostly stems/internode
roots to the substrate.  Other stem plants block the Hygro stems and you
really can't see the stems/roots on the internodes. At the left-rear of the
tank I have a huge Aponogeton Ulvaceus with about 4-5 Aponogeton Crispus
growing in front of it.  I get this intermingled flowing of leaves that is
real nice.

But you know I will rip this out in a month or two and try something
different......maybe Riccia sculptured in the shape of Bugs Bunny, Yosemite
Sam and Marvin the Martian!

Options abound!

Tom Brennan