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re: hydroponics and the fuzz

>>I am not sure about the rest of the U.S. but in CA law enforcement can
get a search warrant in a case like that, if the "contraband" is clearly
visible from the public street.<<
Perhaps CA has stricter laws about what police can and can't do than NM
but here I could easily see the police pulling a stunt like that.  Here
they require that the contraband be in "plain view", which only means
that a law enforcement agent _could_ see it without breaking any laws. 
Flying over your househanging out of a low helicopter would be considered
acceptable as a means of getting the evidence to get a warrent.  I also
wouldn't feel too safe just yet.  We do still live in a country where if
you are charged of almost any drug crime gov. agencies can confiscate
everything you have and even if you are found not be guilty of anything
you have no right to have anything that was confiscated returned, nor
will they compensate you for your losses.  A bit unconstitutional, but no
one's complaining too loudly yet, so the gov't doesn't care.  I would
definitely advise people to be aware of the risks of shopping at
hydroponics stores, even if your reasons for shopping there are perfectly
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