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Re: Glossostigma meltdown; a "solution".

I have been buying Glosso frm Azgardens over the past month. I had always
thought the 80% meltdown was caused by heat stress in transport. The Dutch
dudes however, suggest otherwise. After working with it obsessively for the
last two weeks I now believe the real reason is this delicate plant is
easily damaged (crushed) when handled during harvestingand packing. The
damaged segments die and rot days after arrival, so no matter what you do
you will always lose 60-80% of the bunch you bought.   


	As soon as you get it, separate the bundles into individual strands and
let them float in the aquarium under CO2 and bright light for a few days.
This does two things; 

1.	It rapidly promotes growth in the healthy segments so you identify these
parts and can separate them from the necrotizing material.

2.	It minimizes the spread of necrotizing bacteria too healthy segments via
physical contact.

After a few days your healthy segments set down new roots and shoots every
cm or so.  Now you need scissors and tweezers to cut up and plant the
individual segments. Dave told me under bright light and high CO2 this
plant grows 2" a day!  He wasn't whistling Dixie; in the 18hrs since I was
told this the segments have grown 1.3cm! I have since doubled the CO2. 

It takes a few hours to cut up and plant w/ tweezers each rooted segment
but even though you will lose up to 80% of your original shipment, at such
high growth rates you should only have to do this once.
~David Boukmn.