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Re: Copper slag

Alfred writes:

> I know that copper is bad for any tanks with plants or fish, but I have a
>  question about copper slag.  It's a by product from smelting copper.  It's
>  like black crystals and is used for marine sand blasting (I think). I
>  thought it would look really cool to have a tank with black substrate, peat
>  filtered water and cardinals.  Does anyone know what this is and is it is
>  safe to use in tanks?

There are usually all kinds of heavy metals in the ore that copper is mined 
and refined from.  I would be nervous about this.  Sandblasting supply houses 
can obtain silicon carbide sand.  It is black and chemically neutral in 
water, but it is probably going to run about a buck a pound including 
shipping.  If you are anywhere near Texas you can probably find Tex-blast, 
sometimes marketed as Blast-Tex from sandblasting houses or swimming pool 
stores, where it is sold as a filter medium.  Also black, and much cheaper.

Bob Dixon