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Hygro yellowing

I'm also a newbie in the field of aquatics.  I've had a 20gal for about
4 months now.  In my tank I have java ferns, anubias var. nana, crypts,
and a hygrophilia polysperma which I purchased about a month ago.  The
three stems have only sprouted a few small leaves at the top, but these
are beginning to turn brown.  The older leaves are yellowing and one
leaf has even turned brown and is rotting.  I am wondering why this is
happening because the rest of my plants are doing fine -my crypts
produce a new leaf every week or so and my ferns are a vivid green.  I
have heard people often say they use their hygro as a 'canary' and if it
isn't growing properly there is something wrong with the tank.  
Just for the records,  I haven't checked the water for many levels but I
do know:
CO2=diy injection (directly into intake tube)
hardness=moderately hard
fertilizer=PlantGro by Flora Care

What's going on?!? I'm worried about the rest of my plants and fish...
Thanks in advance,
Keely Bays from Victoria, B.C. where autumn now takes place in june and
july :*(