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Bloodworm iron

>In order to achieve 0.1 mg/l Fe in 100 gallons of >water ..

>Lets assume the blood of a bloodworm is about 5% of >their total body
>weight, and that blood is about 10% hemoglobin..

>I don't believe that the normal feeding of bloodworms >is a
>source of iron for aquarium plants.

Hold on a second though. I'm willing to bet that "blood worm juice" is
a lot more than 5% of the mass of a bloodworm. And the juice may be
more than 10% Hemoglobin/Iron (have no clue on this). This guy had
observed evidence that blood worm juice can (in some circumstances)
contribute to algae growth. What the guy is saying makes a lot of
sense. Have you ever added blood meal to land plants? They love it. I'm
sure the blood worm juice contains a lot of nutrients that could
contribute to an algae bloom. Why is there the need to do some
half-hearted back-of-the-envelope calculation to try and prove him
wrong? If you're going to do that, at least accurately get the numbers
for bloodworms. Also if he's already adding iron, he won't need the
worms to raise the level +.1 mg, a slight boost of iron in the water
column might tilt the balance to the algae.

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