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Andy who's way over East or even further if you go West

>From: "A M Moore" wrote:
>Subject: When West is East - not
>With all the ramblings on about East & West, you would think that there are
>only Americans & Canadians on this list - I feel in a definite minority !
>(am I supposed to put a Smiley here ? drat - I forgot it)

Hi Andy,

Hey don't feel left out. England has an East and West too... they are just
so close together! <g> I'm a misplaced Brit so I'm allowed to say that. I
was born in Croydon, Surrey and I *love* England...wish I could afford to
live there. Do you ever go to "Hobbyfish Farm"? John Chalmers, the owner,
was on an Amazon trip with me and several other folks on this list.
Interesting character. He's supposed to have a good shop.

in Vancouver... come on over for a visit.