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Hello All! Newbie looking for help!

Hi, my name is Peggy and member of Aquarist.net Mailing List.
Someone recommend that I join this list.  
I started keeping aquatic plants about eight weeks ago.  After getting 
frustrated with local pet stores.  Some of them couldn't even tell me the 
names of the plants, that they were selling!  I did extensive research.  I 
have come a long way and learned a lot.  Being a new plant keeper, I have 
questions and hope to find my answers here.
I have a 29 gallon tank that has been setup for over a year. I only have 
gravel for substrate.  I have 2 different Crypts, 1 Banana Plant, 1 Anubias, 
Cabomba, 2 Amazon Swords, (a Sandi?, not able to identify, not true aquatic).
I have a double strip light 1 bulb (20 watt 10,000K) & 1 bulb (20 watt 
I am noting remarkable growth, but a few problems.  I use liquid fertilizers, 
as directed.  I had some Hornwort, but it had brown spots and I got rid of 
it, but now the brown stops growing on my Anubias and Swords.  What is it?  
What should I do?
Last immediate problem, is my Swords.  The leaves are thin, weak, elongated, 
and curling in all directions.  Anyone know what the problem is? Oops, one 
more thing, my Anubias has a new leaf, it is lighter in color.  Will it 
darken or is there something wrong here?

Chicago, IL