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Filling in the back corners

I was wondering if someone out there might have an aquascaping suggestion for me. 
Because I use my cheap halogen shop lights, I have a noticeable spotlight affect
underneath the two lightbulbs.  The corners of my tank do not get much light.  My
front corners, I have found some nice plants for, but I can not seem to find a good
plant for the back.  Right now I have C. willisii, 4-leaf clover, and dwarf sag in
the front corners and they seem happy enough.  Every plant I have tried to put in the
back doesn't seem to do so well.  Maybe my lights point more to the front than the
back or something.  I know they aren't perfectly centered (bad me).  I was thinking
maybe an Anubias or Crytocoryne species, but I wasn't sure which.  I haven't had good
luck with Vallisneria for some reason, but maybe I will give it another try.  I want
something that will grow to the surface of the water (18") and fill in to cover the
back glass.  I am not very familiar with the Crypt. species, I just know I love my
willisii.  The didiplis diandra is doing miserably back in the corner and I want to
replace it with something better/lower maintance than Hygrophilia.

Jennifer Glover
(in thundery, lighting filled Waldorf, MD.  Soon we will be having twisters like
those crazy people in the MidWest)