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Review: Wonder Lights

A month ago I bought Wonder Lites.  Wonder Lites are mercury vapor bulbs
thats screw into a regular socket.  (More info at thekrib).

My tank:

35 gallon

The chemistry:

Nitrates: 0ppm
Nitrites: 0ppm
Ammonia: 0ppm
Chlorine: 0ppm
Phosphates: unknown
Iron: unknown
PH: 8
Hardness: Very hard.  Over 300ppm.

The plants are fed with daily teespoon doses of PMDD.

The tank is stocked with bacopa, ludwigia, water wisteria, ech.cordifoulous,
anubias nana, and valisneria.

Previous to my use of the new wonder lights I had three 90 watt halogen
floodlamps and tw0 30 watt blue and red fluorescents.  In the weeks
following the placement of these three 160W lamps, the plants seem to die
out.  New growth was rare and stunted and the water turned cloudy..  The
wisterialiterally crumbled, the bacopa turned black and stopped growing, the
ludwigia turned very blackish and died, and the cardamine died.  The
ech.cordifoulous just turned brown.

I placed the halogens back and a few days later, the luwigia grew some new
leaves, the bacopa is doing well, and the wisteria is growing some new

Ahem, I dished out a respectable amount for these mercury lamps, can someone
please explain to me what I did wrong?  Or does this prove that halogen is
better than fluorescent?  In all my attempts to grow plants, I have always
succeeded with halogen, yet have had limited results with fluorescent.

My neighbour's 90 gallon tank is mostly halogen, yet he grows amazon swords
nicely, and a whole lot of other plants.