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"Dennis" : Ech colifolious

......."I have several Echinodorous cordifolious (Spade leaf Radican
Swords) that are 
the 18 to 24 inch range.  Suddenly the newer growth on these plants is turning
reddish brown.  Anyone have an idea what they could be lacking?  dKh = 5.5,
pH = 7.4, Lighting 130 Watts on 70 gallon tank. (Croma 50's, Daylight, and 
bulbs.  ".........

This is a good sign! Usually indicates the plant is getting superb light
and nutients.  Some lightbulb spectrum blends encourage this. You may also
notice reddish spotting on the younger leaves. As the leaves mature, they
will lose this effect.

David Boukmn