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Karen Randall in San Francisco

Calling all planties in the San Francisco Bay Area.......

On Friday night, June 4th, Karen Randall will speak at 8PM at Steinhart
Aquarium auditorium in Golden Gate Park on aquatic plants made simple.
The auction will also feature aquatic plants.   I would point you to their
web page but it is too painful for words.....

On Saturday night, June 5th, Karen Randall will speak at a dinner meeting
of the San Francisco Bay Area Aquatic Plant Society at 6PM.  Dinner for
members is included in membership, dinner for non-members is $20.  Dinner
will be followed by a Q&A so bring your questions, photos, cuttings of
problem plants, etc.  At the conclusion of the evening there will be door
prizes and an auction of plants brought by members.  There is adequate
parking and reasonably convenient public transportation.  To attend, RSVP
for Saturday night to mailto:gomberg at wcf_com

A great weekend, so don't miss it.....

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco            mailto:gomberg at wcf_com
Tropica MasterGrow in the USA!      http://www.wcf.com/tropica