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chlorophyll coloured, flame resistant wet-suit

Speaking of James Purchase' 'chlorophyll coloured, flame resistant
wet-suit' I remain interested in 'algae on the glass' problems.  I don't
have access to Dave G's expensive new microscope so I don't know if
'algae on the glass' growth is linear after water changes, but to my
weakened eyes it seems like it takes almost a week or so before the
algae starts to form on the glass.  

So I wonder if just after water changes and fertilization we achieve a
'balance' of nutrients that allows higher plants to outcompete algae?
My anecdotal unscientific exploration of this possibility includes the
following:  I find that dosing fertilizer (in my case Tropica
MasterGrow) with a doser (Eheim liquidoser) helps both my plants and the
algae on the glass.  Recently, I have also noticed that small doses of
KNO3 during the week seem to have a similar affect.  Finally, I bought
this barley straw stuff that was mentioned recently and put a 2 inch
layer in both my Eheim canister filters.  No noticeable affect in the
first two weeks, but a further reduction of 'algae on the glass' since
then.  Algae on the glass problems appear to be reduced by 60% - 75%
with these three refinements.  Nevertheless I don't think I would go
more than two weeks before rubbing the glass (or plexi).  

All of this is to say, that I'm really wondering whether 'algae on the
glass' could be minimized or eliminated by continuing the search for the
holy grail!-NUTRIENT BALANCE.  

Or am I just chasing myths?

Steve Dixon in San Francisco