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Rotting japanese spatterdock

I don't know what to do about this plant. It's a very beautiful plant but 
it's not doing well with us. We had it in a plastic container in a 29 gallon 
with some garden soil,gravel and sand. It started rotting so I cut off the 
rotting part and three away the plastic container and all it's contents. Then 
I put it into the 10 gallon with albino cories. The once "green" rhizome is 
now rotting. I put it into a quart jar. I am unsure what to do next. There 
are three small but green nice leaves and one that will open soon. The leaves 
are nice. I don't want to throw away this plant if I can salvage it. I read 
on the Krib that it does often get rotten. 

Also, one of the albino cories has a frayed top fin today. I am thinking it 
could be from the rotting j. spatterdock causing high nitrates. 
Unfortunately, the Aquarium Pharm Master's test kit didn't have a Nitrate 
test so I don't know what it is. All water parameters are normal: 0 
nitrites/ammonia, ph 6 this morning.