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Dwarf lillies (hybrid ulvaceus)

 I recently purchased dry bulbs that claim to be dwarf lillies from my
 lfs.  No one there had had any experience with them, but the company
 guaranteed them to grow, so I'm giving it a shot.  The package says that
 the plants are hybrid ulvaceus, does any one have any experience with
 raising aponogeton from dried bulbs?  What are their needs for light,
 substrate, etc.?  Any thoughts on eventual size?  I currently have two
 my 65 gal tank and two in a ten gal baby tank.  Both in the baby tank
 one in the 65 gal ("real") tank have put up the tiniest little starts of
 bright green leaves so far.
 Amelia in Albuquerque, hoping recent rains will coax out daphnia
 populations along the Rio Grande 

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