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bacterial cultures.

Hi all,
Regarding adding bacterial cultures to kick start tanks, I can honestly see
no advantage in using them.
I worked at a LFS for a year and I did a couple of tests monitoring NH3 NO2
evels in a new tank. The 2 preparations that I tried made equally no
dfference and the two tanks both took about 4 weeks to cycle.

How could all these marvelous bacteria stay alive in a bottle with no food
source, no oxygen etc etc......

I wouldnt be surprised if all these bottles contained nothing but tap

The quickest way to cycle a new tank is with pure ammonia NH3. Use a few
drops each day of it and within about 10-14 days your tank should be fully
cycled due to the large andsafe amount of ammonia you can add : NOTE DO NOT

DO these higher NH3 levels pose a threat to plants, I am not sure of

BTW a 'super dry bacteria' was sold at around 50 bucks a bag here, it
claims that it takes 14 days to activate and will do all sorts of wonderful
things.... (bullsh*t) it seemed more like diatomaceous earth then anything
else, probably was.

Regards all
Daniel Green.
bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.edu