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Re: Spathiphyllum and plant disinfection question

On 20-May-99, Steve Pushak wrote:

>Is there a section of the tap root left or is it only leaves? This is a
>rather difficult plant so I'm not sure that it could regenerate itself
>from only a leaf segment or stem but if the growing tip, the meristem is
>intact, its always possible.

Thank you Steve, Roger and everyone else for your comments;
There are already tiny white roots growing and I haven't even planted it yet.

Note that this was sold as Spathiphyllum wallesi, there are also plants
sold in garden centra as ordinary plants under the same name but these are
different. This is the one with bright blueish-green almost plastic leaves,
I've kept one submersed for over a year now. 

New question:

I had ordered Potamogeton lucens, but now that I received it it's from a pond
and it is really *infested* with all kinds of parasites and critters.
I put it in a bucket with a medication which is supposed to be harmful for
invertebrates, yet they don't seem to care. :/ 
Any hints on this? I'd rather throw away these plants than have the risk
of introducing harmful invertebrates into my tank(s).
I read about the KMno4 treatment but I won't be able to look for that the
coming week. 

Best regards,

Hugo Hoekstra