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Potassium Permanganate

 "Dinyar Lalkaka" wrote: <<<< Potassium Permanganate
A few weeks ago there was a post re the use of potassium permanganate dips
to rid newly acquired plants of snails, hydra, etc. At what concentration is
KMnO4 used for this purpose? Is it effective as a net dip? Kordon, which
apparently sells a KMnO4 formulation as "Permoxyn," claims that it is a
"highly effective treatment for improving water quality by the oxidation of
organic matter." What's the experience of the list in this regard?>>>>>>>

KMnO4 is reportedly effective at reducing the risk of introducing fish
and bacteria with the plants, but I do not think it works for snails. I am
sure about hydra. You just prepare a dark pink solution (no exact
needed) and dip the plants in for about 15 minutes.
The cheapest way to get it in the long run is to buy a can of KMnO4 powder
from one of the aquaculture companies, like Aquatic EcoSystems. It will
be enough for a lifetime supply. Use the powder to make a stock solution 
(I use a about 2g/liter), and use this concentrate to prepare a more diluted
bath. I store the stock solution in the dark inside a cabinet, well sealed,
it lasts several months.
I am becoming convinced that a continuous bath of a light-medium pink
solution of KMnO4 is also a very effective disinfestation tool for external 
parasites in quarantined fish.  Remember that the quantity needed is 
proportional to the amount of organic debris present in the tank: start with
a light pink solution, and increase gradually the dose until you see that
color persists at least 24 hours. Then use such dose every two days for at
 two weeks, to eliminate egg-laying flukes. Plants seem to be OK with it.
Again, do not expect results on snails, at least at the concentrations I 

Dionigi Maladorno
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