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Re: Potassium Permanganate

> A few weeks ago there was a post re the use of potassium permanganate dips
> to rid newly acquired plants of snails, hydra, etc. At what concentration is
> KMnO4 used for this purpose? Is it effective as a net dip? Kordon, which
> apparently sells a KMnO4 formulation as "Permoxyn," claims that it is a
> "highly effective treatment for improving water quality by the oxidation of
> organic matter." What's the experience of the list in this regard?
> Dinyar

Somewhere in the APD archive I found that KMnO4 should be used either at
1:1000 for 30 sec or 1:100,000 for 30 min to kill snails and other bugs
from plants to be introduced in the aquarium. I used it at 1:50,000 for 
1 hour (thus roughly 4 X the recommended dose) and didn't rid completely 
of snails. I guess snails die but their eggs are much more resilient. 
Next time I'll increase the dose even more. Plants didn't seem to bother

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD