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Test Kit Recommendations

I'm looking for test kit recommendations for Iron, Phosphates, Nitrates, and
C02.  I'm currently using the LaMotte Co2 test kit and I'm very happy with
it, but I thought I find out what everyone else thinks.  The Iron test kit
I'm using from Seachem is very difficult to read and therefore impossible to
determine the correct Iron level.  The Aquarium Phar. Nitrate test kit
doesn't read anything below 20ppm, which makes it useless.  I decided not to
waste anymore money on test kits until I've heard from the experts.  If
there are other useful test kits I've left off, please let me know what they
are and what you'd recommend. 

Thanks in advance!

Sam Dotson
sdotson at firstam_com <mailto:sdotson at firstam_com>