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Re: Flowering Vallisneria Americana

Colin Anderson asked....

>Hi Everyone:
>I'm interested in knowing if anyone out there has ever seen the flowers of 
>Val. Americana, better yet, information on how they got it to flower.  I've 
>been growing them with very high success for over three years, and have yet 
>to see a flower.  For the most part, my tanks have always had pretty low 
>nutrient levels, but the growth rates have always been pretty good.

I've had 1 cm female green flowers form at the end of very thin stems
about 5 feet long. There is a picture on page 67 of Rataj and Horeman.
I have no idea what caused this; but, it may have had something to do
with day length.

Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca