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Re: Flowering Vallisnera Amer.

> I'm interested in knowing if anyone out there has ever seen the flowers of 
> Val. Americana, better yet, information on how they got it to flower.  I've 
> been growing them with very high success for over three years, and have yet 
> to see a flower.  For the most part, my tanks have always had pretty low 
> nutrient levels, but the growth rates have always been pretty good.

I had a flower off my valisnera and it wasn't really all that exceptional.  There was
a long thin stalk leading up to the surface.  At the surface a little tiny
trumpet-like flower opened up.  The flower diameter was mayber 1/8 inch.  I moved the
valisnera around after that and I never got a flower again.  I am still really new to
the planted aquarium, so I am not sure what I did to make it flower.  I think it was
getting decent light, it was in a 2.5 bed of gravel with laterite at the bottom.  CO2
fertilization and sporatic fertilization.  Sorry to not be of much help, but I don't
think you are missing out on any spectacular flowers.  Maybe if you had a whole lot
of flowers at one time, it would look cool, but the best flowers I have seen are on
the sword plants and aponogeton bulbs.  I might be getting my plants confused, so if
I am in error I am really sorry.  I seem to remember the Tropica catalog having
pictures that included the flowers.  I couldn't get a decent picture of the flower
because it was too small.  I had the same problem with the flowers off my dwarf sag. 
The flower was just to tiny and fragile to get a picture of.  If you want spectacular
flowers, the aponogeton ulvaceus seems to be the most prolific bloomer I have ever
seen.  Do you have an open top tank?  For some reason, it seems to encourage
flowers.  I know that the sword and aponogeton flowers project some distance out of
the water.  The ruffled sword flower went up a about a foot!

Jennifer Glover
Waldorf, MD