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RE: Dying Java Ferns

Lance Tuttle asks about his dying Java ferns. Before any suggestions can be
given, more information is needed -

1. How long have the plants been in the tank? Were they healthy to begin
2. Are they the only plants in the tank? If there are other plants in there,
how are they doing?
3. What are your water parameters - Temp., pH, GH, Alkalinity, etc.
4. What is your maintenance schedule - how often do you change your water
and how much do you change?
5. Do you fertilize the plants with anything orther than fish waste? What
brand and how much do you add and how often?
6. What additives of ANY kind do you put into the tank?
7. What kind of fluroescent tubes do you use - how many, what wattage, how
high aboue the water's surface, how long are they on each day?

Once you give us more information, perhaps someone can offer some
suggestions. And you are correct in assuming that marine salt mix is NOT the
way to go to fertilize your plants.

James Purchase