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Re: Slow growing plant please...

Jenny (J8675309Y at aol_com) wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a quick question for you all and since it is plant related I am sure
> you can help.  I have a 'Betta fish bowl' that is 2.5 g.  It has 1 male Betta
> and two ghost shrimp inside it currently.  I have read by adding a slow
> growing plant to his tank, that is would improve his living environment.

That's true. It will absorb ammonia/ammonium, and make the water far more
comfortable between changes. Ammonia burns gills and stunts growth. It can
lead to weakness and all kinds of other diseases and parasite infestation.

>  I
> have never had 'live plants' before so I am not even sure where to begin.
> These questions are probably stupid but I really don't know the answers to
> them.  Do live plants require a special soil to grow in?  

Not at all. I use Java moss (*Vesicularia dubyana*) in all my Betta jars.
There are lots of floating or non-rooting plants (many called "worts").
Hornwort is a common floater.

> Do they need
> special lighting?  What plant would you recommend?  Is one plant enough?  His
> fish home is about 15" tall and round kinda like a globe.  I would appreciate
> any help you can give.  Thanks!

Java moss (looks like a wad of green steel wool), and Java fern (looks a bit
like a dark-green swordplant) are comfortable in surprisingly low light.

The moss is easiest, for I just set the wad on the drainboard during water
changes, and drop it back in the bowl after a bit of rinsing and "fluffing."
Java fern likes to be attached to a rock or driftwood, so is more delicate
to move.

> Jenny (in high school and awaiting summer to get here)
> Irmo, SC

Thanks, so much, for including a location. Perhaps someone in or near SC can
arrange to mail you a Java moss starter. It's not often available in stores,
and is really expensive to mail order, I think.


Wright Huntley, Fremont CA, USA, 510 494-8679  huntleyone at home dot com

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