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Slow growing plant please...

Hi all,
I have a quick question for you all and since it is plant related I am sure 
you can help.  I have a 'Betta fish bowl' that is 2.5 g.  It has 1 male Betta 
and two ghost shrimp inside it currently.  I have read by adding a slow 
growing plant to his tank, that is would improve his living environment.  I 
have never had 'live plants' before so I am not even sure where to begin.  
These questions are probably stupid but I really don't know the answers to 
them.  Do live plants require a special soil to grow in?  Do they need 
special lighting?  What plant would you recommend?  Is one plant enough?  His 
fish home is about 15" tall and round kinda like a globe.  I would appreciate 
any help you can give.  Thanks!

Jenny (in high school and awaiting summer to get here)
Irmo, SC