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gravel cleaning??

 "A M Moore" wrote:
>Subject: `New` Tetra Gravel Cleaner
>Has anyone come across the `new` Tetra Gravel cleaner ?  Just got it in the
>UK and what a piece of kit !
>I realise you have probably had this unit for years in the states, but,
>someone has obviously put alot of thought into the design of this gravel
>cleaner and it works very well.

There seems to be quite a bit of interest in gravel "cleaning" lately.
Unless you are simply sucking debris off the surface why would you be
interested in cleaning the gravel in a planted aquarium? If you are
vacuuming the gravel you are doing your plants no favours and probably
removing stuff they need/like. Relax... let your gravel get "dirty". <g>

in Vancouver where I gave up gravel vacuuming years ago.