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Re:Stumped by driftwood

Tom,  I too came across a piece of driftwood while walking along 
the previously-flood-ravaged Potomac, and knew instantly that it 
was perfect for my new aquarium.  It was well-weathered but 
completely dry.  I scrubbed it and sank it in a big cooler for a few 
weeks, weighted down by bricks.  It still floated.  So....don't 
laugh....I took it to work and autoclaved it for 3 hours in a pan of 
water.  The wood became more porous and now only required one 
brick to hold it down.  After another week, I placed it in the 
aquarium with two small rocks holding it down, which I hope to 
remove before too long.  It is no longer leaching any noticeable 

I think your current tactics should be sufficient, given enough time.

Cathy Hartland
waiting for rain to fill the Potomac again