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warning on pH regulators and help with BG algae please.

Hi all,
I recently added the minimum dosage of seachem discus buffer to a large
discus tank 120 gallons, bare tank with 4 adult discus (soon to have many
more discus in it)

I have since noticed a massive outbreak of what I can only think is BGA.
Every glass surface including the bottom gets a rapid coating of bright
green stuff that peals off very easily. What do you expect when you add
many teaspoons of phosphate causing the phosphate levels to go way off the

Well I have done many water changes to no avail, Even NO3 is less then
How can I cure this stuff any suggestions please.

Can someone suggest how using these phosphate based in my opininon 'crap'
buffers is possible without causing bga.?

Regards all
Daniel Green.
bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.edu.au