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Re: Misc

I  have a couple of slightly off topic questions, but considering the inactivity
lately I doubt that any one will mind:) I was curious if any one knew of any discus
Email lists.  I am on Discus-L but it has been relatively inactive lately.

The next question is to any one with electrical/diy/technical knowledge.  I have a
pair of Discus that have been happily spawning for the past couple of weeks.  So far
they haven't succeded in raising the eggs. But It's only been a couple of weeks so I'm
still waiting befor I intervene.   I want to build a feeder that will feed the free
swiming fry live baby brine once evey other hour during the day since I can't feed
them during the day. I'm guesing that I would have to use syphon with a valve
controlled by a customised timer to feed the live brine.  I would need a circut that
opens the valve or uses another method to feed the fish every other hour for 10-15
seconds. If anyone has any ideas I'd REALLY appriciate them.

Finally, I had been reading the thread a while back about deformed rubin swords.  I
had a simmilar such problem.  I snapped the rhizomes and they are growing very nicely.
It seemed to be a good soloution.

Adam Weingarten
Javablue at concenetric_net