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Re: SAE's

In a message dated 4/29/99 3:51:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

> From: Kelly Beard <apistogramma at home_com>
>   Subject: Came close to an SAE today
>   Was in Iowa City Tuesday and Wednesday for a little business excursion. 
>   I've made it a point to visit local fish stores when I get done for the
>   day.  Went to a place that sold pets, feed and seed (gardening stuff). 
>   Their tanks and general condition of fish were not great.  But, in a
>   tank I saw fish that I knew where SAEs.  Went back to work and went to
>   thekrib to confirm.  Yep.  I asked the guy about buying all (5) of them
>   and taking them back with me to Nashville.  He assurred me they wouldn't
>   make it because they didn't have pure O2 to pump in the bags.  So, not
>   wanting to kill fish, I opted to not chance it.  D*mn.  At least I got
>   his suppliers phone #.  Maybe Nashville will have SAEs yet. >>
Hi Kelly,
I don't claim to know everything about SAE's, however I, like many other 
killifish breeders ship fish A LOT. I have had fish in bags (in a styro 
box)lost in the mail for up to 21 days- 7 out of 10 lived. I have shipped at 
least _several hundreds_ of fish over the last 10 years. With very few losses.
I know SAE's may be a little less hardy than some killies but NEXT TIME BUY 
The fish should make it for at least 24-48 hours even without extra o2. I 
have purchased fish and carried them home in a carry on bag 2 days after I 
purchased them. In fact I'll probably buy fish at the AKA convention next 
month and carry them home in a carry on bag.

Good luck next time.
Jim Eller
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