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Re: #981 New tank question

 KAnderson at psg_ucsf.edu wrote:
>Subject: New tank question
>I'm setting a  55 gal tank up with 110 watt of light, Kitty litter and
>gravel substrate.  A week ago I moved a filter and 5 five swordtails
>into.  Yesterday I test the water and the amnoina was off the chart.
>I'm going to get an order of plants today.
>Should I move a cycled filter (Powerhead+sponge) into the new tank?
>Should I do a massive water change.  How much?
>Should I add plant and let the it cycle with the swordtails???  Should I
>add some algae eater??

I haven't read the digest for awhile... too busy doing stuff with digital
photos and scheduling computer labs <sigh> however, seems no one answered
this unless they did it privately.

Is this a "joke" posting?? You didn't use used kitty litter did you? Are
you sure the kittly litter is nothing except baked clay? I'm surprised that
with all the information available on substrates that you choose gravel and
kitty litter.. oh well, your choice. You should have put plants in first
and fish later... or bought lots of plants to put in with the fish right

Do a water change and put in lots of plants. Oh yes... it could also be
that your ammonia test kit is out of wack. Are you sure it is not too old?
Perhaps you should take a water sample to your lfs and have them test it

That's all I can think of.
in Vancouver