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Hair algae gone

I've posted a few times about my 120G plant tank and a nasty attack of
hair algae - The long kinky nasty stuff - Cladophora or Rhizoclonium.
It was really bad but now it is gone......

At its worst I changed water every 3 days 25%, changed bulbs to wide
spectrum etc and still the stuff grew like crazy.  I would harvest gobs
of it on a weekly basis.   After about 5 days it could reach 8" in
length!  It was growing on everything and in particular some Malaysian
drift wood. So I thought I would pull the wood out to give it a
cleaning.  I left it soaking in a sink in darkness to help kill the
algae.  After a few days though I noticed that the algae was starting to
die back in the tank, so I left the drift wood out.  Now about 2 weeks
later there is not a hint of this stuff in the tank.  There is still
some BBA but it is dying too.

Apparently this wood was the contributing factor.
It looks like mahogany, a rather resinous wood.
Interesting that this would make the difference!

Chris Wells
cdwells at concentric_net