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E. rose and ozelot

Hello everybody.

I┤m having a problem with the E ozelot I acquired together with a E. rose about a
year ago.
Both are planted in a tank of 90 L, ~30 cm apart and with same amount of light (2*18 W fluoscent, daylight). Tank set-up some 3-4 years ago, so the gravel ( 2-3 mm. granite) is partly filled with dirt, making H. polysperma, E. tenellus, S. subulata, E. magdalenensis, E. rose. C. wendtii/crispatula/usteriana/huderoi, M. windel°w, N. guadalupensis, P. cornuta all growing very well.
Just not the E. ozelot, leaves getting smaller and smaller and brown (with green ribs) and hardly any new leaves appearing.
Have checked Tropica. com and even asked one of the gardeners I happen to know without getting any solution to the problem. Using MasterGrow, 1/2 dose at waterchanges. A double tetra-bell filled with CO2 every morning. The only diff. I can see
between the conditions for E. r and o is that o is closer to the (under water surface) outlet from a small internal motor-filter, but it doesn┤t move  much. Earlyer the o was shaded by the cornuta, but for 6 months I have keps this away (taken out, only leaving one over the rose). Water was earlyer slightly acid (6-6.5) but this created troubles for some of the crypts and for Microsorum. For ~1 year it has been on the alkalic side. Fish: 20-30 Nannostomus of 4 diff, species, nothing else. Very few snails.
Has anybody a suggestion for the reason for this misgrowth of the ozelot ? 
Ole Larsen