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is it Lobelia Cardinalis ?

I recently got the plants i ordered from a local store.
I am yet very familiar with all the plants available.
I ordered a lot of different plants and everything is ok except....may be...
the Lobelia Cardinalis.
I received something that i am not sure it is really Lobelia
Cardinalis.....I wonder what it is....
Here is what i think : 1- It is a bunch of head cuts of L. Cardinalis....2-
It is a bunch of emersed head cuts
of L. Cardinalis...3- It is some kind of Lobelia species...4- It is not L.
Cardinalis !
As i'd like to know for sure what it is , send me an e-mail if you want to
help me, i will send back a picture for
identification. Help me please !