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new tank problems..........

it has been a week today since i planted my 150 gal tank.
here are my results so far :

Set-up : open top, 2 metal halides pendants 175w 5500 K
                laterite ( substrate gold), duplaplant, heating
                automatic CO2 injection.
Water chemistry : gh:3dh, kh:4dh, ph:7,0, temp: 78 F

the water is still cloudy and yellowish ( new tank syndrom + driftwood ? )
plants doing fine : hygro polysperma, ammania gracilis, heteranthera
zos.,hygro. difformis,althernanthera
reineckii,eichornia azurea,laeliopsis novoe-z,echinodorus tenellus,java
fern,lobelia(??),anubias nana.

problems : many stems of rotala macandra are rotting ! same for the ludwigia
( which lost countless leaves )
                    the part of the stems of baby tears which are in the
gravel have rotted too ( for most of them ).
                    However baby tears are growing..
                    echinodorus osiris have yellowish and unhealthy leaves
(in my opinion ),same for echinodorus                         subalatus.

I have 13 black mollys ( these are the only fishes ). i can see them
nibbling leaves and stems. Is it possible
that they are responsible for the most part of the rotting ? ( and leaves
fall of Ludwigia ?)

Your advice please !