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Sera Iron Test Update

Well, I think I have finally solved the problem thanks to a number of you.
Here is what I have found:

1st- The main problem was the CHELATED iron... taking a suggestion from S.
Lovell, I just allowed the test solution to sit for a couple of hours... I
came back and sure enough, I had it showing about 1.0 mg/l.  Just to assure
myself that it was the iron that made the solution turn pink and not some
rxn with the air, I did the same test on some of my tap water (which I know
has virtually no iron in it).  I let the tap water solution sit for over 12
hours, and still no color has appeared.  So the key is to let the solution
sit for a few hours to overcome the chelation (S. Lovell sent me a nice
email explaining why this was the case, and I can post it if anyone is

2nd- Thanks to Dave Gomberg, for the suggestion that the test only requires
1 drop instead of the stated 3.  I ran two test side by side (allowing them
to sit for 3 hours), one with 1 drop and one with 3 drops and the results
were identical!!!  This is a wonderful money saving tip that I am now very
grateful for!!!

Well I think that about covers it, unless I have forgotten something.  Now
I'm off to work on getting my pH down below 7.5 after the water company
suddenly changed the pH of the water out of the tap with out warning....

Thanks to all those who helped, Daniel