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Karen, et al.
while we're on the subject of non-aquatics... I've seen and kept 
hemigraphis(mmus?) repanda, sometimes sold as dragon's tongue or 
flame.  I know this is strictly a terrestrial and it is labeled that 
way as well, also blacklisted on teh KRIB.  BUT...has anyone else kept 
this plant and what are their observations.  I kept mine in a plain 
gravel substrate with moderate lighting 3X40W over a 120 High and 
after about two months it finally looked as though it was taking root 
and spreading.  These observations were confirmed later while moving 
the tank.  Has anyone else kept this plant long term submersed, and 
what were the results?  I'd like to try it again.  

BTW, Karen thanks for the recommend on the Aqualog Book!  I've 
completed it and am updating my shrimp article with better scientific 
info soon!
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