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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #962

	I have this stuff in my tank. I don't know if it is really any
different than other laterites, I have never analyzed it (as some of you
all apparently have). It is the exact same hue as the duplarit that I have
used in the past except it is not as finely ground and they tell you to
rinse it first. This was new to me. Anyway, the coarseness has its
drawbacks (<< surface area) but on the other hand, it certainly does make
rearranging, removing plants a much less arduous ordeal.


>Aquarium pharmaceuticals has a product out by the name "Pure Laterite"
>(first layer).  I've never seen this product before but it was in a Toronto
>Has anyone of the pros seen this stuff?  It is reddish brown and granular.
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