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S.A. fern

>The ferns Karen mentioned collecting on her recent trip south, have they
>been IDed yet? Were they aquatic or semi-aquatic? Any pix available?

No, they have not been ID'd yet.  They are not mentioned in any of the
books I have, and Neither Charlene nor Stan had any idea what it was.  They
are certainly not fully aquatic.  We found them just above water level in
deep shade.  While didn't happen to notice any actually submersed on this
trip, I have photos of it taken by a friend about 6 weeks before our trip
where it was clearly submersed.  The areas where they were collected on
that trip were under deep water by the time we got there.  

Whether they can adapt to permanent submersion or not, only time will tell.
 Since many terrestrial ferns will survive long periods of submersion, it
will probably be a year or more before we know whether these will make good
aquarium candidates.  I don't know what Erik has done with his, but to
preserve the small amount of material I brought back, I have it set up in
two terrariums at this point, one in bog type conditions, the other just
very moist and humid.  When it actually is growing well I will begin to
play with it in subsersed conditions.  I do have photos, both of the plants
and the habitat.